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Student Created Mindfulness Toolkit
  • Student Created Mindfulness Toolkit


    A comprehensive program designed to help students understand and manage their emotions through mindfulness and self-care activities. This toolkit provides a structured approach to teaching mindfulness, incorporating daily reflections and weekly activities tailored to four emotional zones: Green (Go), Blue (Rest), Yellow (Slow Down), and Red (Stop and Regroup).



    • Daily Zone Tracking: Students use the Zone Tracker to document their emotional state and self-care practices, promoting self-awareness and reflection.
    • Weekly Reflections: Structured reflections help students identify patterns in their emotions and behaviors, fostering deeper understanding and personal growth.
    • Zone-Specific Activities: Each zone comes with a set of 2-3 minute self-care and mindfulness activities designed to address specific emotional states:
      • Green Zone: Activities to enhance happiness, calm, focus, and excitement.
      • Blue Zone: Activities to encourage rest and recovery when feeling sad, hurt, sick, or tired.
      • Yellow Zone: Activities to help slow down and gain control when feeling surprised, confused, worried, or silly.
      • Red Zone: Activities to stop and regroup when feeling angry, frustrated, or out of control.
    • Customizable Toolkit Creation: Students brainstorm and select their favorite activities for each zone, creating personalized toolkits that cater to their individual needs.



    • Enhanced Emotional Regulation: Helps students develop effective strategies for managing their emotions and improving their well-being.
    • Promotes Self-Care: Encourages students to take proactive steps towards self-care, leading to better mental health and academic performance.
    • Flexible Implementation: The program can be adjusted to fit into a single quarter or extended over a whole semester, providing flexibility for different classroom dynamics.

    Included Resources:

    • Teacher’s Guide: Detailed instructions for implementing the program, including daily activities and weekly schedules.
    • Printable Zone Trackers: Easy-to-use templates for students to track their emotions and self-care practices.
    • Mindfulness Activity Sheets: A variety of activities for each emotional zone, complete with instructions and materials needed.
    • Editable Templates: Customize the toolkit to meet the specific needs of your classroom.


    Empower your students to take charge of their emotional well-being with the Student Create Mindfulness Toolkit. This program not only supports academic success but also fosters a healthier, more mindful classroom environment.

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