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Take a Break Room Templates
  • Take a Break Room Templates


    Introducing the Take-a-Break Room Templates, the ultimate resource for creating a calm and welcoming environment in your classroom! Designed to support the emotional and behavioral needs of your students, this resource provides a designated space where they can take a break, regroup, and re-energize as needed. The templates come in three different languages, including English, Spanish, and French, making it a versatile and effective way to promote mindfulness and self-regulation in any classroom.


    With customizable options for mindfulness activities and relaxation prompts, you can tailor the Take-a-Break Room to meet the unique needs of your students. Whether you're looking for a way to prevent meltdowns, reduce disruptions, or simply create a more positive learning environment, this resource is the perfect solution.


    So why wait? There's step-by-step directions to guide you. Download the Take-a-Break Room Templates today and start creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all of your students! 

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