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Printable Check-In and Healthy Habit Tracker
  • Printable Check-In and Healthy Habit Tracker


    The Printable Check-In and Healthy Habit Tracker is a powerful tool designed to help students reflect on their daily self-care habits and their impact on overall well-being. This customizable, easy-to-use tracker encourages students to develop and maintain healthy routines by providing a structured format for self-monitoring and goal-setting.



    • Daily Habit Tracking: Students can track essential habits such as sleep, hydration, nutrition, physical activity, and stress levels, helping them recognize patterns and make informed adjustments.
    • Goal Setting: The tracker includes sections for setting and reviewing goals, fostering a sense of responsibility and motivation in students as they work towards personal improvement.
    • Reflection Prompts: With thoughtful prompts for daily and weekly reflection, students can deepen their understanding of how their habits affect their mood, energy levels, and academic performance.
    • Customizable Design: Educators and students can personalize the tracker using a provided Canva template, making it easy to tailor the tool to individual needs and preferences.
    • Easy Integration: Designed to be completed in about five minutes each day, this tracker fits seamlessly into any classroom routine, making it an ideal "do now" activity.



    • Promotes Self-Awareness: By regularly tracking and reflecting on their habits, students gain valuable insights into their self-care routines and how these influence their overall well-being.
    • Supports Healthy Habits: Encourages students to prioritize essential self-care practices, leading to improved physical health, mental well-being, and academic performance.
    • Enhances Classroom Engagement: Incorporating the tracker into daily activities helps create a structured, supportive environment where students feel empowered to take charge of their health and happiness.

    How to Use:

    • Print and Customize: Print the double-sided designs, cut them in half, and let students choose their preferred design. Customize the number of pages based on the intended duration of use.
    • Set Up and Organize: Decide how often students should complete reflections—weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or after a set number of check-ins—and place the reflection sheets accordingly.
    • Regular Check-Ins: Spend about five minutes each session having students fill out their trackers. Can be used as a daily routine.
    • Reflection and Goal Setting: Regularly review progress and adjust goals to support ongoing personal growth and self-care improvement.


    Empower your students to develop healthy habits and achieve greater well-being with the Printable Check-In and Healthy Habit Tracker!

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