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Hands-on Workshops

Dive into our engaging, hands-on workshops where we bring the latest EdTech and AI tools to life. Our courses, passionately designed by seasoned educators, are more than training—they're an experience in practical innovation. As active teachers with a wealth of classroom experience, we understand your challenges. Join us for sessions brimming with real-world applications, where every tool and strategy is aimed at making your teaching journey more fulfilling and less stressful. It's not just learning; it's about empowering you, the educator, to thrive in today's dynamic teaching landscape.

AI Oh My: Empowering Educators with EdTech

A transformative PD program designed to bridge the gap in today's challenging educational landscape. Tailored for overworked teachers, especially in special education, this program unlocks the potential of AI and technology for more accessible learning. It provides practical, step-by-step guidance on utilizing 20 innovative EdTech tools, enhancing both time efficiency and teaching effectiveness. Beyond digital mastery, the program also values in-person interactions, offering workshops for hands-on learning and peer collaboration, integrating AI seamlessly into daily teaching practices. This personal, practical approach aims to revolutionize educators' relationship with technology.

CoTeaching Made Simple

Real Resources for
Real Educators

Discover the effective implementation of co-teaching in our workshop, "Revolutionizing Co-Teaching with Digital Textbooks." Acknowledging the challenges of introducing co-teaching to your team, we provide a comprehensive guide to the six traditional co-teaching models. Our course, rooted in the 'One Teach, One Supplement' theory from Boston College, equips you with the necessary tools and strategies. We'll show you how to seamlessly integrate technology, making co-teaching more manageable and effective. Join us to transform your team's approach to collaborative education.

Step-by-Step Data Collection and Management System

Transform your data management approach with our hands-on In-Person Professional Development Workshop. Created in collaboration with Boston College, this workshop offers practical training in developing a bespoke data collection management system. Experience live, interactive sessions where you'll receive personalized assistance and dedicated work time to build a system that meets your specific needs. Ideal for educators seeking tangible tools for collaborative, efficient student data management, our workshop also provides valuable professional growth hours. Join us to revolutionize your teaching and streamline your workload!

Tools for Neurodivergent  Learners

Explore the adolescent brain and its development in our comprehensive PD workshop, designed specifically for educators. Delve into the nuances of the prefrontal cortex and learn how to effectively engage neurodivergent learners. We'll discuss practical EdTech and AI tools that make learning accessible for all, including strategies tailored for neurodiversity. This workshop combines insights from neuroscience with educational innovation, offering tools and techniques to support diverse cognitive and emotional needs. Join us to enhance your understanding and teaching approaches for adolescent and neurodivergent students.

"Attending the 'One Teach, One Supplement' co-teaching workshop transformed how I collaborate in the classroom. The practical resources and EdTech solutions have made co-teaching not just feasible but enjoyable and productive. A game-changer for any educator!"


- Emma, Middle School Teacher

"The PD workshop on adolescent brain development was eye-opening. It offered a unique blend of neuroscience and educational tactics, enriching my approach to teaching teenagers. The focus on neurodiversity tools was particularly impactful."


- James, High School Teacher

"As a special education teacher, the workshop on EdTech and AI tools was a revelation. It provided practical strategies for engaging my neurodiverse students, making my lessons more inclusive and effective. The hands-on experience with the technology was invaluable. Highly recommend!"


- Sarah, Special Education Teacher

Schedule Your Team's Workship

Looking to bring a tailored professional development experience to your team? Share your team's needs and preferences, and let us craft a workshop that aligns perfectly with your educational goals. Whether it's integrating AI tools or exploring innovative teaching methods, we're ready to design a session that empowers and inspires. Let's collaborate to make your team's professional growth journey impactful and relevant. Schedule your workshop today!

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