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About the Accessibility Education Project

The Accessibility Education Project is committed to revolutionizing learning by enhancing accessibility for all students, regardless of their unique circumstances or abilities. Our vision is to harness the transformative power of technology, specifically AI and EdTech, to bridge educational gaps and cater to diverse learning needs. This includes supporting students with disabilities and those who require personalized learning resources.


We understand the challenges educators face in integrating technology into teaching. Our goal is to demystify tech tools, making them less daunting and more of a productivity asset. We aim to empower educators, enabling them to provide more personalized and effective learning experiences, while also easing their workload.

Our Values


We believe in the right of every student to accessible and quality education. Our approach focuses on removing barriers and creating equitable learning opportunities for all.


Utilizing the latest in AI and EdTech, we provide innovative solutions that transform teaching methods, making them more effective and manageable.

We are dedicated to supporting educators with resources and professional development that enhance digital literacy and reduce workload, transforming apprehension into enthusiasm for educational technology.


Our project values the power of community. We aim to connect educators, fostering a network for sharing resources, ideas, and support, thereby enriching the educational experience for everyone involved.

Social Justice

Education is a powerful tool for social change. We are committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to learn and thrive, and every educator is equipped with the necessary resources.

 A Better Future for Education


Our commitment extends beyond being a resource center; we are a movement towards a more equitable, efficient, and empowered educational system. By integrating our expertise in teaching, curriculum, and learning environments, we deliver professional development that is transformative. The Accessible Education Project is dedicated to creating a future where education is universally accessible and teaching is a joyfully manageable endeavor.



Meet Adelaide, the heart and driving force behind the Accessible Education Project. With a rich background in special education and a current student at Boston College, Adelaide is deeply committed to making learning accessible for students with disabilities and easing the workload for educators. Her journey, marked by roles like Communications Lead and Lead Inclusion Specialist, reflects a passion for inclusive education, digital innovation, and educator empowerment. Through the Accessible Education Project, Adelaide brings her expertise and visionary leadership, offering practical tools and professional development to transform the educational landscape.

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