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Meet Adelaide

Hi there! My name is Adelaide, and I am a dedicated and passionate traveling teacher. I have spent years working as a learning accessibility specialist in hard-to-fill positions all over the country, always striving to create inclusive and engaging learning environments. In addition to teaching, I help other teachers find travel teaching jobs so they can get paid what they deserve, be respected, and have more career opportunities.

I live on the road with my husband and two cats in a self-converted camper van, bringing education to communities in need. As an entrepreneur, I also create digital teaching tools that make learning accessible and available to all.

To further my knowledge and expertise in education, I am currently enrolled in Boston College's Master's program in Global Perspectives: Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning Environments. I am excited to learn best practices in education from around the world and how to sustainably apply them locally.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will join me on my journey to make education accessible for all learners and help other teachers achieve their career goals through travel teaching opportunities.

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