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7 Tools for Reducing Educator Burn Out this Summer

It is NOT easy being an educator today. Summer is a time to care for ourselves and rethink how we tackle next year. Here are some great tools and resources to get you started!

1) FREE Summer Self-Care Conference!

Registration is officially OPEN for the 3rd Annual Summer Self-Care Conference 2023!

This conference was created to help you to prevent and recover from burnout with less work and stress.

We’ve got over 20 incredible speakers with topics ranging from systemizing your classroom, stress-free lesson planning, sustaining your career as an educator, self-care, creativity, behavior management, and so much more so you can prevent or recover from teacher burnout this school year!

The conference kicks off on July 21st, and it’s going to be 3 action-packed days that you won’t want to miss.

2) Consider Transitioning to Digital Notebooks

With 10 tabs and video instructions, these templates are perfect for organizing lesson plans, creating digital portfolios, and more. And with a recent update, there are now even more notebook options to choose from! These templates are compatible with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Canva, making them a convenient choice for teachers who use a variety of platforms. Plus, they're designed with accessibility in mind, making it easy to incorporate multimedia and create a more interactive learning experience for students. Created by an experienced teacher, these templates are based on the principles of universal design and can be used to make learning more accessible and engaging for students of all abilities. There are video instructions to help you set up. So why wait? Download your copy today and start creating dynamic, multimedia-rich lessons that your students will love!

3) Wheel of Emotions Check In

The Wheel of Emotions Check-In is an interactive and engaging resource designed to help students understand and manage their emotions.

It includes two versions, one for early elementary students and another for upper elementary through adulthood, making it a versatile resource that can be used across a wide range of ages and grade levels. In addition to the resource itself, this product also comes with video instructions for teachers, walking them through the process step by step. With these instructions, teachers can easily introduce and implement the Wheel of Emotions Check-In in their classroom or counseling sessions.

The Wheel of Emotions Check-In features a colorful and visually appealing "Wheel of Emotions" that students can use to identify and express their emotions. With easy-to-follow instructions, this resource can be used by individual students to develop emotional intelligence and build healthy social skills.

4) Create a Manageable Data Collection and Management System

Data Management can be a huge stressor for educators, so getting a good system in place can help make things so much easier. With this system you can improve your teaching skills and streamline your data management with our Professional Development Workshop! Developed in partnership with Boston College's Global Perspectives in Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning Environments Master's Program, this online workshop will guide you in creating a digital data collection system to support your students. Our workshop includes video instructions, a step-by-step guide, an online platform for asking questions and sharing ideas, and biweekly live Q&A sessions. We even include guidance on training support staff to implement this system. This system is designed to give teachers an easy way to collect and share data with their students' educational support team, creating a collaborative digital workspace for better student learning and a streamlined teacher workload. Plus, you can earn real professional growth hours for teacher recertification. Sign up now and take your teaching to the next level!

5) Take a Break Rooms

Take-a-Break Room Templates, the ultimate resource for creating a calm and welcoming environment in your classroom! Designed to support the emotional and behavioral needs of your students, this resource provides a designated space where they can take a break, regroup, and re-energize as needed. The templates come in three different languages, including English, Spanish, and French, making it a versatile and effective way to promote mindfulness and self-regulation in any classroom.

With customizable options for mindfulness activities and relaxation prompts, you can tailor the Take-a-Break Room to meet the unique needs of your students. Whether you're looking for a way to prevent meltdowns, reduce disruptions, or simply create a more positive learning environment, this resource is the perfect solution.

6) FREE Digtial Room Starters

Do you wish you had beautiful google slides, but don't have the time, effort, and or energy to spend

making them? Here's a great collection to have on hand! There are 50 fully customizable Google Slides templates, perfect for teachers looking to create engaging and professional virtual classrooms. With a wide range of designs to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect template to suit your unique teaching style and needs. In addition to the beautiful slide designs, these templates also come with video instructions to help you get started quickly and easily. Use them to create a sleek agenda slide, or mix and match elements from different templates to create a truly one-of-a-kind virtual classroom. Whether you're new to Google Slides or a seasoned pro, these templates will help you create professional and engaging presentations in no time. So why wait? Start creating your dream virtual classroom today!

7) Prep a Finished Early Room

Looking for a way to keep your students engaged and motivated when they finish their assignments early? The Finished Early Room is the perfect solution! This online tool is designed specifically for teachers and offers a variety of engaging activities for students to complete. Whether you're a Google School or not, you can easily send a link to your students and give them access to this helpful resource. With the Finished Early Room, you'll have a reliable and effective way to keep your students learning and growing, even when they finish their assignments ahead of schedule. This digital room has 16 different meaningful educational activities for students for when they finish early or just have a little time between lessons. You can use the links in the template or switch them out with your own!

BONUS: Maybe you need a change of scenery?

In the challenging landscape of education, it can be beneficial to seek a change of scenery. As someone who has spent the past two years as a travel teacher, I've had the opportunity to work in underserved communities across the country. Not only has this allowed me to make a meaningful impact, but it has also significantly increased my teaching salary. If you're considering exploring new opportunities, I highly recommend considering a career in travel teaching.

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