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Data Collection and Management Made Easy

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Streamline Teaching and Data Management Interactive, Expert-Led Online Workshop Earn Professional Growth Hours Improve your teaching skills and streamline your data management with our Professional Development Workshop! Developed in partnership with Boston College's Global Perspectives in Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning Environments Master's Program, this online workshop will guide you in creating a digital data collection system to support your students. Our workshop includes video instructions, a step-by-step guide, an online platform for asking questions and sharing ideas, and biweekly live Q&A sessions. We even include guidance on training support staff to implement this system. This system is designed to give teachers an easy way to collect and share data with their students' educational support team, creating a collaborative digital workspace for better student learning and streamlined teacher workload. Plus, you can earn real professional growth hours for teacher recertification. Sign up now and take your teaching to the next level!

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Digital Data Collection and Management Systems

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